Walking Down the Water Aisle

One of the many fascinating concepts that I learned in the process of developing Undeniable Grace Education, would be to not compare my business to another. I heard on a podcast, ” If you ever begin to feel like what you are doing is insignificant, go to your local grocery store and walk down the water aisle.” What does that mean?

Well let’s look at it walking down the aisle, you have a plethora of options, Poland Spring, Aquafina, Evian, Perrier, etc. Some of the water containers are glass and some are plastic but in the end, they are all just water. It becomes almost normal in life to look at someone else’s progress and compare it to your own and in truth, no one is the same. I didn’t come to my work at the same point someone else has, and therefore, if I live like that I will trip over the very thing in front of me.

My love and passion for education reform and justice goes beyond what Ive learned in the classroom but goes into the life that I have lived and grown in. Undeniable Grace Education is very much so connected to my personhood and the lives that I have been privileged to connect with. I will not start out with millions but the work that I put into and am continuing to put into this business is valuable no matter what I see, hear, or think.

So the moral of this post is that if you begin to believe what you are working towards is not valuable, remember that there is only one of YOU! You are unique and you are loved.

Amanda, Undeniable Grace Education

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