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Amanda Gomez

About us

Welcome to Undeniable Grace!

The goal of this organization is to re-introduce restorative practices back into communities, schools, and interpersonal relationships. Leading with love and empathy, Undeniable Grace wants to create a space where justice is the goal and grace is the path.

Core Values


Every individual young and old have a lived experience that they are walking into a space with. This needs to be acknowledged.


We are individuals who make up a community, we need one another in order to have effective and empowered growth.


As a community, we are responsible of being on one accord and upholding the values of restorative justice.


Love is vital to this entire program and these core values. Love is the lens through which we approach each value and the goal of justice. 


“I truly do believe that this program will shift how educators approach students and even how students approach their educators.”

— Skidmore College Student Class of 2021

“This was my first workshop where I was given space to fully express myself and even though it was about building community it very much helped free up parts of me that I didn’t know were imprisoned. So thank you Amanda for creating that space and I can’t wait for the next one.”

Jennifer, Participant in Creating Community: Healing and Community

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